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  • CU at Dinner (or Lunch)

    Liberty First CU is dedicated to offering educational resources to our communities so you can make the most educated decision that is right for you and your family. Each session is informal, informative and free!

    Our educational seminars are open to everyone. Pick the topic(s) that fits your needs and join us for a 1 ½ hour of dinner, information and tools that will help you become a proactive consumer.

    Date Topic Start Time Description Location  
    February 27, 2020 Credit Score & Budgeting Seminar 6:00 pm Learn what a credit score is, how to improve your score and get tips on budgeting.

    LFCU North Location

    5101 N. 27th St Lincoln, NE 68521

    April 1, 2020 Wealth Managment Seminare 6:00 pm Start planning for your future now with tips from our Wealth Managment Partner, Ryan Palmquist with CURNES Financial

    LFCU Main Location

    501 N. 46th St Lincoln, NE 68505

      Registration Coming Soon
  • Home and Family Finance Center

    Put an end to your endless searching of the web to get the financial information you need. The Home and Family Finance Center is your one-stop online resource for key financial topics including automobile, credit, retirement, housing, small business, saving and investing, insurance and more.


  • Financial Articles

    Financial Security Is The New Retirement:What It Is And How To Get There

    You might be planning for retirement when what you really should be looking forward to is financial security.  Read more now.

    The Hidden Costs Of Heart Disease: An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Dollars

    One of the biggest financial disasters you can come across has nothing to do with stock markets or financial swings. Learn how to avoid heart disease, which can dent far more than your wallet!.  Read more.

    8 Valentine's Day Hacks

    Worried about #ValentinesDay breaking your budget? We’ve got great ways to save money while keeping the romance!. Click here to read the full article.

    Music Apps

    While there are a lot of streaming music apps out there, the big two are undoubtedly Apple Music and Spotify. Between them, they have more than 100 million subscribers and tens of millions of songs. So which one is better? It’s a close shave, to be sure. Apple Music has a larger library and offers more discount options, but Spotify’s features are better for the true music lover. Read our rundown and pick for yourself!