Resources ATM Safety Tips to Protect You and Your Money

Cash is still king in many situations, so stopping at an ATM is still an errand most people cannot avoid. Make sure you are taking the proper safety precautions to keep yourself and your money safe whenever you visit an ATM.

  1. Before you pull or walk up to the ATM, have everything you need ready to go. Don’t fumble for your card, wallet, or keys. This leaves you distracted and a prime target for an observant thief.
  2. Scan the surroundings before you approach the ATM. Are there people hanging nearby? Is the area well lit? Are there any places where someone could be hiding? If it doesn’t look safe, leave immediately and find another ATM nearby.
  3. Examine the card reader before you insert your card. Does it look like others you’ve used before? If it appears cumbersome or looks unusual, it could be rigged to steal your magnetic strip information. Don’t use it.
  4. Shield the keypad when entering your PIN. Thieves have been known to view ATM transactions from a block away in order to gain personal data.
  5. When you are finished your transaction, pocket your money and card and return to your vehicle or find somewhere private to count your money and verify your transaction.

Staying alert before, during and after using an ATM can save you and your money from danger.

Stop by our lobby or visit our website for a full list of additional precautions you can use to remain safe when using an ATM.