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IRA Rates

We seek to offer the best rate for all your saving and borrowing needs. Before you open an account or accept financing with another institution, call us at (402) 465-1000 to ensure that you receive the best possible account option. We'll help you compare all terms and determine the best possible account for you.

These tables list our best published rate. Rates are provided for informational purposes only, intended for private use only, are not for public distribution, and are subject to change without notice.  

EFFECTIVE: April 27, 2016

to Open
Minimum Balance
To Earn APY**
Six (6) $500.00$500-$24,9990.150.15
Month $25,000-$74,9990.150.15

Twelve (12) $500.00$500-$24,9990.250.25
Month  $25,000-$74,9990.250.25
Add-on****  $75,000+0.300.30

Youth/Young $100.00$100-$24,9990.250.25
Adult Twelve  $25,000-$74,9990.250.25
(12) Month $75,000+0.300.30

Eighteen (18) Months$500.00$500 and over1.141.15

(24) Months $25,000-$74,9990.550.55

(36) Months $25,000-$74,9990.750.75

Forty-eight $500.00$500-$24,9990.800.80
(48) Months $25,000-$74,9990.900.90

Sixty (60) $500.00$500-$24,9991.041.05
Months $25,000-$74,9991.041.05

*Penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal. APY assumes interest remains on deposit until maturity. A withdrawal will reduce earnings.
**APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Rates offered are determined at the discretion of the Credit Union and may change daily.
***"New Money" Specials are available for new deposits only. Existing funds currently on deposit may not be transferred. Renews at regular dividend rate.
****The "Add-On" feature of this certificate allows you to "add-on" additional funds during the 12-month term. Deposits earn dividends at the dividend rate declared on the opening or renewal date of the certificate. All deposits made during the 12-month term will mature on the stated maturity date.
*****For Members under 25 years of age. On the first maturity date after reaching 25 years of age, this certificate renews at the regular 12-month Share Certificate rate.

Current Dividend Rates and Annual Percentage Yields are available from any of our staff and may change at any time at our discretion. Account related fees as described in our Fee Schedule apply to these accounts. Share, checking, and money market account dividends are credited and compound monthly. Share certificate account dividends are credited monthly or at maturity and compound monthly.