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Personal Loans 

Open-End Loans

This pre-approved line of credit provides you with convenient access to extra funds through your checking account with overdraft protection, a Cashier's check, or a teller withdrawal.

Closed-End Loans

This type of loan is usually used when you only need a small amount of funds, you do not have collateral, or don't wish to use it as security.

Consolidation Loans

When you have numerous loans, making multiple monthly payments can be a hassle. A consolidation loan conveniently combines all of your loans into one, leaving you with one payment and one loan, at one lender.

A consolidation loan may reduce your repayment term, interest charges or your monthly payments. Home Equity Loans are commonly used to consolidate, but you can use other collateral or your signature as loans into one, leaving you with one payment and one loan, at one lender.

Loan Payment ProtectionLiberty First Credit Union offers this optional program to help safeguard your family from financial stress if you are injured or lose your job.

  • Package options include: life, disability and involuntary unemployment
  • The cost is based on the package options you choose and your monthly outstanding loan balance

Add Loan Payment Protection to your loan at the time of financing or call us at 402-465-1000 to see if this can be added to your existing loan.

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