At Liberty First We Are Here to Help

We are facing unique times and want you to know Liberty First is here for you. If your income or expenses have been negatively impacted by the coronavirus, we are here for you. Here are some ways we plan to help:

Liberty First is currently offering fee free loan extensions on existing consumer loans. We are waiving any fees that would be related to this extension. Your participation in this loan extension will not affect your ability to take advantage of our annual holiday skip-a-pay.

Please note, if your payment is made by Payroll Deduction Direct Deposit, or an Automatic Transfer from another institution your payment will stay in your Liberty First Credit Union checking or savings account. Interest will continue to accumulate on your loan during the month you skip your payment and the payment you skip will be added to the end of your loan term.

Emergency Loans
We understand many families will face increased expenses during this time. If you need a loan to help get you through, please call us at 402-465-1000 or apply online at Quick approvals and flexible terms can help keep you on track and allow you to stay focused on what matters.

Cut Your Payments In Half and Pay Off Your Debt Sooner by allowing us to consolidate your credit card balances.  
Consolidate your debt by moving your loans to Liberty First and save money now! By refinancing your debt to a fixed payment term loan, your first payment will not be due for up to 60 days and you’ll be on track to pay off those high rate credit cards. It’s easy! Simply mark the box on the online form and you could start saving now.

Let us help
It is as simple as stopping in, calling 402-465-1000 or completing your form online at today.

Your Agreement / Terms:  I understand that by returning this from to Liberty First Credit Union, I will be eligible to skip the monthly payment checked above on the above loan.  I also understand that interest will continue to accrue on my outstanding balance during this time and the term of my loan(s) may be extended.  I understand if I fail to return this form within fifteen (15) days before the due date of the monthly payment I would like to skip, my normal loan payment will be due on the normal due date; or, if subject to transfer will be made on the scheduled due date.  Should this occur and funds are not available to complete my normal loan payment, I may be subject to Late Fees as outlined in my loan agreement.  Payments made cannot be refunded. The Credit Union reserves the right to revoke this offer if any of my accounts are in default or if I fail to meet any other condition or criteria of this offer as specified herein. I understand that this coupon can only be used for the specified loan.  I understand after the skip payment period my normal monthly payment will resume on the first due date following the skip payment period. All other terms and conditions of your loan will remain the same. Payroll deduction amounts will be deposited in the designated account. All requests are subject to final approval of LFCU. This extension does not apply to Real Estate, Student, open-end loans, MasterCard loans or adjustable rate mortgage loans. If you have any form of voluntary insurance or warranty coverage in connection with the loan on which you seek to skip a payment you should ensure your election to skip does not affect your coverage (examples include but are not limited to: Credit Life, Credit Disability, GAP, Vehicle Warranty, etc. obtained in connection with your loan – not manufacturers or other warranty). Some companies that provide these insurance or warranty services limit the number of extensions which may include voluntary skip payments. These products/services are provided by third party companies and not the Credit Union, so you need to address any questions to those companies and review the policies/contracts they issued to you.