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We Love Hearing From YouSeriously…we really, really do!

The “Contact Us” feature of this website is for communicating your needs to your credit union. Due to security issues, we are not able to process transaction or financial requests via E-mail. Examples of such transactions are transfers between two accounts, loan payments, credit card payments, or closing an account.

In order to conduct a financial transaction without visiting the credit union, we need to verify your identity by matching your signature with the one we have on file. You may send a letter via the USPS or other delivery service. You may also fax your transaction request, including name, address, account number, signature and phone number so that we may contact you to verify the transaction to the credit union fax machine at (402) 464-0472.

For all address changes a signature is required. This is done to help in the prevention of identity theft. An adult can sign for a minor child if the adult is on the account. Changes can be requested by the primary or joint owner of an account. However, changes on an individual account require the signature of the account holder. Please stop by any of our five locations to complete an address change.

Phone: (402) 465-1000
Toll Free #:  1-855-501-4600

Email: [email protected]
Stop by any of our five convenient locations: 
501 N. 46th St. – Lincoln, NE
6001 S. 56th St – Lincoln, NE
5101 N. 27th St – Lincoln, NE
8400 Lexington Ave (North 84th and Lexington Av.) – Lincoln, NE
3531 Progressive Rd. Ste 103 – Seward , NE

EZ-Line: 877-978-3292

Fraud Numbers:
Number you will see on your Caller ID if called by the automated Fraud Protection Line: 877-253-8964
Number you will see on your Caller ID if called by a  Fraud Protection Call Center Agent: 800-279-2674 
Toll Free callback number if you are in the US: 800-262-2024 
Collect callback number if you are outside the US: 973-682-2652