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Attention:  We want to update our members on the status of the nationwide card disruption that impacted our card processor yesterday, July 13th, between 3:10 pm and 4:15 pm (CT).  The problem was fixed at roughly 4:11 PM, allowing for subsequent normal card activity. However, the processor is still working to reverse “authorization” entries that may have been made multiple times by merchants during the period of disruption.  These entries could lead to temporary discrepancies between the actual balance and available balance in your account.  You would only be impacted by this issue if you attempted to use your card between the times previously noted. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to LFCU at 402.465.1000 during our normal business hours and we will be happy to help. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. 

Free Shred Day:
Join us September 16th for a shred day at our 501 N. 46th St location from 9 am - 11 am. Each member can shred up to 75 lbs for free.

Free Notary Services for Members:

Need a Notary? Liberty First has one at each location and the service is free for members!

Product News:
13-month Certificate special is happening now! Don't miss your chance to lock in with this great rate!

New Rewards Program for Debit and Credit Cards:
Liberty First is bringing you even more reward options just for using your Liberty First Debit and Credit cards. UChoose Rewards is loaded with travel, merchandise, gift cards and even a cash back option for your points! Find out more here and get your MasterCard registered today!

Credit Union News:
July - December Newsletter - Check out what's happening at your Credit Union!

Lost/Stolen Debit or Credit Card:
If your LFCU Check Card or Credit Card  is missing, lost or stolen, please notify Liberty First immediately. In the case of a stolen card, notify the police department as well. To report your MasterCard Check Card or Credit Card lost or stolen 24/7 call 1-800-472-3272.

Attention all EMV Debit Card Users:
Many merchants’ terminals act differently when accepting a debit card as an EMV Transaction. Most terminals default into a PIN selection, but usually have a way to allow for a signature transaction. We feel that using the card with a signature protects you and maintains the confidentiality of your PIN, while allowing you to earn points and accumulate transactions for various Kasasa rewards. Remember, if you are a Kasasa account holder or utilize our rewards program, you must use the card with a signature to get points and/or accumulate monthly Kasasa transaction requirements.

Here’s how:
   - Always choose credit, when given the option.
   - Choose "Debit MasterCard" instead of Debit, when given the option.
   - Select "Change Payment" on the "Enter PIN" screen, if given the option - then select "Credit"
   - At a variety of merchants, you must ask the cashier how to process the card as a "credit" or signature 

     transaction when the prompt for your PIN is displayed. Sometimes it is by entering the green "enter" option,
     other terminals require you to hit the red "X"  or cancel button.
   - Finally, some merchants will need to swipe the card to allow for your signature. You will have to ask them to do 


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