Jr. Stars and Young Adults Learn healthy banking habits young

  • Jr. Stars for those 12 and under

    Jr. Stars

    Are you 12 and under? Become a Jr. Star Member today! Liberty First Credit Union can help you save the money you earn to reach all your financial goals. Start your piggy bank at Liberty First and get what you are saving for faster while learning good savings practices. 

    Want to feel connected with other savers? We host a free event for every Jr. Star member and their immediate family each year. This gives you a chance to meet other savers while enjoying a fun activity. Past events have included a swimming party, a morning at the movies, ice skating, a visit to Memorial Stadium and more.

    Basic Savings Account

    • An opening deposit of at least $5 equals one share at the credit union, establishes your membership, and makes you an owner
    • A low $5 minimum balance is required to retain the benefits of membership
    • FREE Jr. Stars Bank at account opening
    • Quarterly prize drawings – enter every time you make a deposit
    • No monthly maintenance fees
    • Dividends are calculated on a daily balance using rate tiers and paid monthly.    

    Youth Certificate of Deposit Account

    • Start with as little as $100
    • Add funds to your certificate at any time during the 12-month term to keep your savings growing
    • Designed for those 25 and younger
    • Dividends are compounding monthly using rate tiers and paid monthly.

    Contact us at (402) 465-1000 to open your 12-month Youth Certificate and kick start your savings today. 

  • Young Adults

    If you have big dreams of someday owning a car of your own, going to college, or even having money to buy clothes or video games whenever you want, we can help make it happen!

    One way is by saving part of the money you get from working, birthdays, and allowances. Liberty First Credit Union has Savings Accounts to keep your money safe. And all it takes is a $5 deposit! Saving your money at Liberty First is a great way to earn money (called dividends) and it teaches you to set goals and use your money in a smart way. 

    Are you ready for more than a savings account? Check out all of our products that are perfect for young adults:

    Ready for your first car or college?

    Whether it is time to get a taste of freedom with your first car or to head off to college we are here for you. Liberty First can get you the funds you need to make any of your large purchases and pave the path for a bright future. Simply give us a call at 402-465-1000 to discuss your options or apply for a loan online and we will reach out to you.

    Once you become a member of Liberty First Credit Union, you are a member for life, even if you move to a different location. This means if you go off to college or your career path takes you to a different city or state you can still use Liberty First as your financial institution. We are here for you no matter where you path takes you.

  • What Do I Need to Open a Youth or Young Adult Account

    For all members under the age of 18 the child or young adult must either present a driver's license, if they have one, or be accompanied by an adult who will be a joint owner or custodian on the account.

    In addition, you must present one of the following: 

    • Child's Social Security card
    • Child's birth certificate
    • Child's immunization record
    • Child's school photo ID
    • Child's passport/alien ID
  • Liberty First Credit Union School Branches

    5th Grade Tellers having fun visiting UNL

    Saving early just makes sense! Liberty First works with 4 elementary schools in Lincoln to give students a head start on saving and learning the importance of money management.

    • Our school branches are located in Belmont, Cavett, Hartley and Huntington LPS schools
    • 2nd-5th graders are able to open a savings account with parent’s permission
    • 5th graders are trained as tellers and take care of the helping other students deposit their money and hand out incentives 
    • Savers are rewarded with prizes as they reach deposit goals

    If you are at one of established school branches we encourage you to open a savings account and start planning for you goals now. If you attend school in Lancaster or Seward County and would like to see your school open a student-run branch please reach out to us at 402-465-1000.